Ethical codex
General objectives

Our main objective is to provide services which increase the efficiency and facilitate the development of the Employers both within their organizations and in management.  We make good use of our knowledge and methods in improving the professional life of our Clients and to promote qualitative change by taking into account cultural, ethnical and ethical differences, as well as the relevant knowledge of other areas of science in the course of our work.

Basic principles

With our services we promote, in particular, the following values - independence, freedom, reliability, loyalty, integrity, transparency, self-control, self-confidence, mutual respect, tolerance, trust and human right.

Our work and activities can be characterized by the following values:

  • competence and preparedness
  • honesty and fairness
  • prudence, thoughtfulness, diligence
  • showing appreciation towards our staff and our Clients
  • professional fastidiousness
  • commitment and abstaining from misusing power
  • secrecy

The personnel of Akvamarin HR Kft is obliged to provide high-quality professional services irrespective of the remuneration or the extent of the interest of others.

  • We must ensure secrecy, thus we are not allowed to use camcorders, tape recorders or other tools suitable for surveillance or pursue any activity aiming at surveillance without the definite ? preferably written ? consent of the Client.
  • Advisers must maintain secrecy with regard to all concerned parties and information relating to the organization, irrespective of the fact whether such information was received from the Client directly, or in an indirect manner.
  • When the events are disclosed publicly, in publications, reports or in any other media it is important that in order to keep the identity of the Client no details suitable for identification are published in absence of an agreement made with the concerned parties.
  • In case of professional consultations and discussions ? if we cannot avoid revealing the identity of the Client - this secrecy covers all the participants of the consultations and discussion.
  • No information may be published about the Client without their prior written consent.

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“If the window of possibilities opens,
don't put up the shutters!”

“If the window of possibilities opens,

don't put up the shutters!”

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