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Recruitment, selection

In many cases it is not the most eminent professionals that mean the best solution to the company, since often the company can only enjoy the benefits offered by the outstanding skills and abilities for a short time. Our aim is to find not the best professionals, but those people who are most suitable for attending the given tasks through their skills and knowledge at a high level, and at the same time the existing and accessible conditions create appropriate motivation for them to be a successful member of the company in the long run.

The essence of our philosophy is that we can find the optimal person in any position of any organisation and there is optimal scope of duties for each and every person. In accordance with our undertaking and mission we build lasting bridges between companies and professionals.

Advertisement and data bank search

These two methods are primarily suitable for selecting people for lower and medium level positions. On the basis of the search profile we define the circle of possible people placing advertisements in the most appropriate media and by searching in our database. The Client may choose the most suitable applicant from them.

Our company, Akvamarin HR Kft has a contractual relationship with several portals offering job services on-line. This co-operation enables us to post the positions of our Clients on as many interfaces as possible. Also, as a result of our nearly 10-year successful operation our continuously updated data bank containing several thousand applicants guarantees that we find the most suitable applicant in the shortest possible time for the specific position.

Direct search

Direct search mainly provides help in finding top managers. We define the scope of potential applicants by taking into consideration the sectoral and, within this, the company characteristics. We select the top managers from the contacted applicants showing a willingness to change by ensuring the highest discretion, thus providing an ideal solution to the Client.

The behavioural interview

The behavioural interview (sometimes also referred to as "criteria-based" interview) is a type of structured interview, where the interviewer's questions aim at mapping the characteristics (competences) most important in terms of the position.

The interviewer will ask open-ended questions that will cause the applicant to describe real circumstances and their response to them. From the answers of the candidate it can be established if the candidate showed the required behavioural pattern. The interviewer will build up the order of the questions systematically so that they can obtain a valid picture of the strengths and weaknesses relating to the given competence of the applicant.

The behavioural interview can be listed among the moderately structured selection methods, where the questions aim at obtaining information relating to a specific competence and in order to have a more detailed picture the interviewer may ask further questions spontaneously. The responses of the candidate are assessed separately in case of each competence. The behavioural interview is more structured than a typical job or biographical interview. However, it is less defined than a situational interview.


There is a moment in the life of every manager when

  • they are unable to decide
  • they become uncertain whether they perform well
  • they require reinforcement
  • they need an independent eye who can see the organisation from outside
  • they may burn a little out due to the stress emerging during work
  • they would like to share their professional problems with somebody

This is when involving a coach, a professional who has experienced a lot of conflicts and success, might be useful. This person listens to and helps the manager with questions to decide which direction to go in their career. Thus, the coach helps, facilitates, supports and asks questions. Coaching is an "art" based on science, where the expert evolves and activates the values of the Client through questions pointing ahead, with their active presence, observation and reflective feedback in the interest of the goal to be achieved.

Results expected from coaching
  • fortification and development of the personality, revealing the development opportunities inherent in the individual
  • by the end of the process our partner will become capable of identifying the obstacles themselves, and improve their own skills without external help
  • they will be able to recognise the new opportunities, find new ways, create new attitudes and help others to do the same
  • they will be able to handle the stress put on them and the organisation by managing their resources better
  • they will be able to respond to new challenges
Outplacement ? for responsible dismissals

Personnel policy services provided to employers within the scope of which we help employers and discharged employees to handle the psychological, social and legal effect arising from the dismissal and in finding a new job.

The benefits of our services for the Clients
  • it provides support in introducing the dismissal process and conducting it harmoniously
  • it provides assistance to the concerned employees without tying up own capacities
  • it minimizes the risks of the process
  • the expenditures of dismissal may decrease
  • the image of the company as a socially responsible company will strengthen
The benefits of our services in terms of the dismissed employee
  • we provide support to the employee to help them digest the psychological consequences of the dismissal and find a new job as soon as possible
  • we provide help in systematizing the professional career and obtained qualifications of the concerned employee and in redefining the professional and personal goals
  • we work out a professional training plan or a retraining plan for them
  • we hold tailor-made training for the applicant, optimize the applicant's written application and elaborate their personal marketing concept
  • we assist the employee in their search for a new job with our knowledge concerning the labour market
  • we help them find employment abroad in 110 partner offices in more than 30 countries via our InterSearch organisation
  • we give advice ? taking into consideration the employee?s skills and abilities ? how to start up an own enterprise
Organisation development

The fast development of the economic environment, the continuous innovation and the social changes arising from these processes force the organisations to place greater emphasis on meeting the requirements of the market and the employees to be more efficient. With our professional advisory background regarding organisation development, we are prepared to manage these processes in accordance with the specific needs of our partners. In the course of our work we support organisational renewal, the acceptance of changes and making people more aware of the need for such changes.

Our offer
  • overview and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of organisational structures
  • assessing the organisational culture, compiling and developing change proposals
  • future and strategy planning
  • drawing up change management plans
  • creating and monitoring human resource strategy
  • developing motivation and compensation packages
When is organisation development necessary?

Organisation development may be necessary even if the organisation operates in a healthy manner, in other words it develops and changes continuously, it adapts to the smaller changes of the environment, yet it finds further development important. Organisation development may also be necessary when the organisation sets about to make radical and complex changes concerning its basis (fundamental aims, method of operation, essential values, technical-intellectual knowhow, critical mass, ownership structure) requiring a new paradigm, and would like to handle such changes. Thus, the following events may constitute the basis for an extensive organisation development process:

  • setting up a new organisation
  • expanding the organisation
  • in case of company acquisition and merger
  • harmonising the corporate culture with the strategy
  • other internal or external change relating to the economic situation
Connection between organisation development and HR Management

The processes concerning the change of the organisation are only successful if they are supported by the HR systems and processes already in use or to be introduced. Our advisory work does not stop at the classic OD processes, at conducting one-off ?interventions?, but ? at the request of the Client ? it continues with our support provided in the course of creating or modifying the HR system.

As part of our work, we provide support among others in the following processes:

  • elaborating competence systems
  • assessing competences
  • developing training courses
  • conducting training courses
Training, development

A key to competitiveness is to evolve the individual skills and abilities of the employees working for the company, which can be strengthened by mapping and improving the existing skills. Commitment to the workplace is in close connection with job satisfaction, which can be efficiently influenced by means of training courses and further education.

In addition to this, organisational changes and restructuring processes also call for holding prudential, change management training courses focusing on organisational units, groups and the individuals. We design our courses so that they meet the needs and situation of the client. We recommend a training programme after a preliminary needs analysis, and in the programme description we indicate the parts we will place special emphasis on during the training.

Most often we hold tailor-made training courses in the following subjects:

Assertivity ? Becoming a coaching type manager ? Team building ? Co-operation ? Conducting meetings ? Selling and emotional intelligence (EQ) training ? Time management ? Communication ? Conflict management ? Motivation and management ? Presentation techniques ? Troubleshooting ? Stress management ? Negotiation techniques ? Performance appraisal ? Customer Service ? Change management ? Crisis management training courses

Interim Management

Interim management is a management tool enabling companies to handle out of the ordinary tasks despite the reduction of the fixed costs of companies (managerial staff cuts).

In today?s efficiency competition the companies cannot afford to operate a redundant organisation, in other words to have ?reserve? managers in case some unexpected tasks or projects might arise. External sources must be brought in as efficiently as possible to handle irregular, out of the ordinary activities.

We can handle these special, unusual or unexpected situations economically and efficiently with the tools of Interim Management. Since a specific task must be performed with the smallest possible risk but at the same time successfully until a deadline that can normally be planned in advance, the solution requires an experienced and productive manager with a proven track record.

The Interim Manager performs three tasks. He/She is

  • an Operative Manager attending daily tasks
  • an Advisory Manager analysing the situation and recommending new future directions
  • a Change Manager initiating, implementing, monitoring and checking necessary changes in the organisation
Our aim

To meet the requirements of the Client and to ensure their satisfaction through the entire toolbox of our knowledge and expertise.

Prior to undertaking an assignment we provide free consultation to our Clients to define the tasks together and to help them set measurable aims.

The Interim Managers do not want to make a career at the Client?s company. In the course of their work they only concentrate on achieving the goals. Their basic principles are honesty, reliability and open communication towards the Client.

Their remuneration is daily allowance, which only covers the number of days work was performed on. The daily allowance includes all the costs except for the cost of foreign missions ordered by the Client. There are no costs relating to hiring and dismissal.

Benefits of employing an Interim Manager
  1. one of the most experienced managers of the special field can be utilized
  2. cost-efficient, at least 15% cost saving can be achieved compared to the total cost
  3. when setting the aims we provide free consultation to our Clients to word the problem and set the aims
  4. during the project we provide continuous and free consultation in order to achieve the aims
  5. after completing the project there are no tasks or problems concerning the labour law (dismissal, severance pay, etc.)
  6. for the next emerging project the most suitable external source can be utilized again
Tender management

Our tender management service has been developed on the basis of the continuously expanding market and organisational demands. We support our Clients with our detailed tender management service in assisting the services provided by us with external sources and in financing a part of the advisory fees from tenders.

Within the scope of our services relating to tenders business partners interested in the following areas enjoy the benefits of our services:

  • giving advice on organisation development
  • organising skills development training
  • IT services, developments, investments
  • website and content development

Our supporting service provided for our clients and partners covers all our activities performed in connection with tender management starting from the Client?s side in the following fields:

1.Overview and primary evaluation of project ideas
  • organising meetings to overview and evaluate project ideas, creating a progress schedule
  • preparing a complete project plan on the basis of professional, financial and special knowledge
2.Tender monitoring
  • searching for and summarizing national and European Union tenders relating to the implementation of the finalized projects
  • gaining information on the actual compatibility of the project idea and the call for tender
3.Project generation
  • collecting professional and other information and data necessary for writing and submitting the tender, systematizing the project thematically and composing it
  • conducting an analysis according to the eligibility criteria
  • making proposals as to the setting up of the necessary project staff, as well as creating such project staff
  • creating a financial model
4.Call for tenders and liaising
  • compiling a tender document meeting the requirements set for the content and format of the tender
  • checking the format and content of the necessary appendices
  • formulating the final version of the tender, checking for spelling mistakes, editing, arranging the layout of the tender
  • submitting the tender, liaising with the decision-makers, performing transparent lobbying
5.Tender project management
  • performance analysis of the successful tender, making the necessary corrections
  • scheduling, resource allocation and performing controlling tasks
  • deadline management
  • preparing progress reports regarding the project
  • continuous monitoring of the personnel infrastructure
  • performing efficiency and scheduling checks
  • performing project implementation controlling activity
  • providing full professional and financial monitoring
6.Preparing tender reports
  • preparing the complete professional and financial report of the project
  • checking whether the report has been accepted or not
  • submitting the report and liaising with the assessors

The services provided by Akvamarin HR Kft are result-oriented. Therefore we perform our assignments with highly-qualified professionals, in which ITC Tenderház Kft is our co-operating partner.

In case of utilizing the tender management service provided by Akvamarin HR Kft the calculated success fee depends on the acceptance of the settlement and not on the winning of the tender, which support our preparedness to perform the assignment we received from our Partners effectively and successfully!


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