There is a moment in the life of every manager when

  • they are unable to decide
  • they become uncertain whether they perform well
  • they require reinforcement
  • they need an independent eye who can see the organisation from outside
  • they may burn a little out due to the stress emerging during work
  • they would like to share their professional problems with somebody

This is when involving a coach, a professional who has experienced a lot of conflicts and success, might be useful. This person listens to and helps the manager with questions to decide which direction to go in their career. Thus, the coach helps, facilitates, supports and asks questions. Coaching is an "art" based on science, where the expert evolves and activates the values of the Client through questions pointing ahead, with their active presence, observation and reflective feedback in the interest of the goal to be achieved.

Results expected from coaching
  • fortification and development of the personality, revealing the development opportunities inherent in the individual
  • by the end of the process our partner will become capable of identifying the obstacles themselves, and improve their own skills without external help
  • they will be able to recognise the new opportunities, find new ways, create new attitudes and help others to do the same
  • they will be able to handle the stress put on them and the organisation by managing their resources better
  • they will be able to respond to new challenges

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“If the window of possibilities opens,
don't put up the shutters!”

“If the window of possibilities opens,

don't put up the shutters!”

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