Outsourcing, outplacement
Outplacement ? for responsible dismissals

Personnel policy services provided to employers within the scope of which we help employers and discharged employees to handle the psychological, social and legal effect arising from the dismissal and in finding a new job.

The benefits of our services for the Clients
  • it provides support in introducing the dismissal process and conducting it harmoniously
  • it provides assistance to the concerned employees without tying up own capacities
  • it minimizes the risks of the process
  • the expenditures of dismissal may decrease
  • the image of the company as a socially responsible company will strengthen
The benefits of our services in terms of the dismissed employee
  • we provide support to the employee to help them digest the psychological consequences of the dismissal and find a new job as soon as possible
  • we provide help in systematizing the professional career and obtained qualifications of the concerned employee and in redefining the professional and personal goals
  • we work out a professional training plan or a retraining plan for them
  • we hold tailor-made training for the applicant, optimize the applicant's written application and elaborate their personal marketing concept
  • we assist the employee in their search for a new job with our knowledge concerning the labour market
  • we help them find employment abroad in 110 partner offices in more than 30 countries via our InterSearch organisation
  • we give advice ? taking into consideration the employee?s skills and abilities ? how to start up an own enterprise

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Posted: December 6, 2018

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Posted: November 30, 2018

“If the window of possibilities opens,
don't put up the shutters!”

“If the window of possibilities opens,

don't put up the shutters!”

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