Recruitment, selection
Recruitment, selection

In many cases it is not the most eminent professionals that mean the best solution to the company, since often the company can only enjoy the benefits offered by the outstanding skills and abilities for a short time. Our aim is to find not the best professionals, but those people who are most suitable for attending the given tasks through their skills and knowledge at a high level, and at the same time the existing and accessible conditions create appropriate motivation for them to be a successful member of the company in the long run.

The essence of our philosophy is that we can find the optimal person in any position of any organisation and there is optimal scope of duties for each and every person. In accordance with our undertaking and mission we build lasting bridges between companies and professionals.

Advertisement and data bank search

These two methods are primarily suitable for selecting people for lower and medium level positions. On the basis of the search profile we define the circle of possible people placing advertisements in the most appropriate media and by searching in our database. The Client may choose the most suitable applicant from them.

Our company, Akvamarin HR Kft has a contractual relationship with several portals offering job services on-line. This co-operation enables us to post the positions of our Clients on as many interfaces as possible. Also, as a result of our nearly 10-year successful operation our continuously updated data bank containing several thousand applicants guarantees that we find the most suitable applicant in the shortest possible time for the specific position.

Direct search

Direct search mainly provides help in finding top managers. We define the scope of potential applicants by taking into consideration the sectoral and, within this, the company characteristics. We select the top managers from the contacted applicants showing a willingness to change by ensuring the highest discretion, thus providing an ideal solution to the Client.

The behavioural interview

The behavioural interview (sometimes also referred to as "criteria-based" interview) is a type of structured interview, where the interviewer's questions aim at mapping the characteristics (competences) most important in terms of the position.

The interviewer will ask open-ended questions that will cause the applicant to describe real circumstances and their response to them. From the answers of the candidate it can be established if the candidate showed the required behavioural pattern. The interviewer will build up the order of the questions systematically so that they can obtain a valid picture of the strengths and weaknesses relating to the given competence of the applicant.

The behavioural interview can be listed among the moderately structured selection methods, where the questions aim at obtaining information relating to a specific competence and in order to have a more detailed picture the interviewer may ask further questions spontaneously. The responses of the candidate are assessed separately in case of each competence. The behavioural interview is more structured than a typical job or biographical interview. However, it is less defined than a situational interview.


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“If the window of possibilities opens,
don't put up the shutters!”

“If the window of possibilities opens,

don't put up the shutters!”

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